Hundreds of Sites, One Management Platform: Preview IMC 2.0 at ISC West 2024

OREM, UT, April 01, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Security managers of enterprise-level Spotter Radar perimeter security systems have the unique challenge of remotely understanding the health and performance of the system. The sheer volume of devices and the sensitivity of the sites being monitored make it very difficult to maintain situational awareness of the health and status of the entire system on a monthly basis, let alone daily.

Spotter Global’s Integrated Management Center (IMC) is an industry-leading tool to help security personnel easily manage their perimeter security data across an enterprise level Spotter system. The new IMC version 2.0, coming out later this year, will include even more advanced map interface, statistical reporting, and system wide alarm review features to help security personnel stay aware, organized, and secure.

Spotter Global’s Integrated Management Center (IMC) 1.1 includes:
* Health reporting on all devices in the system
* Reports showing the pattern of alarms by time, site, and device
* The ability to locate any health problem in “Two Clicks”
* Direct navigation to NetworkIO site management devices
* State-of-the-art TrackRank© charting for alarm analysis, filtering, data analytics and reporting of alarms

The new 2.0 version of IMC includes:
* Fast-refresh health map that allows security personnel to monitor the full system health at a glance and locate issues by geographical location
* Alarm review functionality, allowing enterprise-level security personnel to review and classify * historical alarms accompanied with track and images data from any NetworkedIO (NIO) in their system
* Fast-refresh health report cards on individual devices

“IMC is built and designed to help Security Professionals be able to quickly understand the current status of their system, ” says Logan Harris, Spotter Global CEO. “When you’ve got many different sites, it becomes very difficult to know what’s going on…what IMC does is automate the collection of that information as well as the reporting of it. This data then allows the security manager to quickly respond to any system health issues within minutes, instead of days or even months.”

Come see a live preview of IMC 2.0 at ISC West in Vegas on April 10th and 11th at 11:30am and 4pm Pacific at booth #19125.

Spotter Global was founded 15 years ago to enable Protectors of Critical Infrastructure and Warfighters to Prevent Harm to themselves and their facilities. Spotter Global offers perimeter security solutions built around compact Spotter radars for both ground target and drone detection, for individual sites and for enterprise level security systems.

Spotter Global supports its worldwide customer base with Field Service Engineers and Business liaisons stationed around the globe and is proud to operate, manufacture, design and assemble all Spotter products, including software in the USA.

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