Company: BedsideAssist

Contact: Dasha Emelianova

Address: 6860 S Yosemite Ct Ste 2000 Centennial, CO 80112

Telephone Number: 1 (888) 404-9474


BedsideAssist Offers Live Agent Concierge Service to Families and Patients

BedsideAssist offers live agent concierge service to families and patients. The service is entirely dedicated to families and patients to help alleviate the stress and anxiety that accompany hospitalization. The ultimate mission of BedsideAssist is to elevate the patient experience. BedsideAssist is a non-medical patient lifestyle and concierge management agency providing bedside assistance solutions to convalescents and families.

In addition to this, they are committed to improving the patient experience in a form of helping them and their families with turnkey bedside assistance solutions that are creatively designed and developed to alleviate stress across the continuum of care for medical staff, families and patients. Apart from elevating the patient experience, they also want to bring peace of mind to patients and their families. The concierge services offered at BedsideAssist is a great way for companies to help out their employees with complete concierge services, increase employee retention and promote work and life balance.

Aside from this, BedsideAssist offer 24 hour data processing that will allow the users to electronically submit their bedside requests anytime and anywhere. When it comes to altitude concierge, BedsideAssist reunite families together with their loved ones hassle free and fast with emergency charters, trip interruption assistance and emergency travel arrangements. Furthermore, BedsideAssist is composed of bedside assistance coordinators who are available 24 hours a day to assist and help home care lifestyle management, outpatient and inpatient.

BedsideAssist offers professional and excellent bedside assistance solutions that are individually tailored to every client. When it comes to hospitalization, it is very normal that patients and their loved ones become restricted in different ways. Patients become dependent on their family members whereas close friends and family members have to adjust their schedules to fit the needs of their patient.

For those people who are looking for the best provider of bedside assistance solutions, no need to look any further since BedsideAssist is the ultimate solution to the problem. They are always ready and willing to help and assist their valued clients in the best way they can. When it comes to their service fees, patients and their families don’t need to worry since they offer affordable service rates and fees.

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