Are you new to parenting and are in desperate need of a beach getaway with your family, but traveling with your baby feels more like an oxymoron? Well, it is without a doubt that flying with an infant can be stressful for you, your older kids and other passengers. While there might be no way to guarantee you a fuss-free flight, with proper preparation guidelines, you can minimize the fuss and enjoy your trip without worrying.

Traveling Tips to Getto Your Destination Happy and in One Piece

Traveling with your child might seem like an ending nightmare, but with these few tips, you will yearn to get back on that traveling mood and enjoy your time on the plane with him/her.

#01. Get Yourself a Seat with a Bassinet Connection, And a Separate One for the Older Child

When it is time for the pre-boarding phase, one of you or if you are alone, request the flight attendant to help you pre-board the bassinet or the infant car seat, then disembark the plane until it is close to your take-off time. According to, the best convertible car seat is one that will securely keep your child in the position as you move across oceans. When you do this, the bassinet or car seat will be ready to go, but you and your child will use the extra 20-30 minutes enjoying the airport scenery instead of waiting out that time seated on a crowded plane.

#02.Pack Some Snacks and Drinks

It is essential for you to board the aircraft prepared with some snacks and drinks. Airplanes can be drying so it is vital to keep your child hydrated. You might also need to bring a sippy cup or bottle, something that they can suck on to assist them in relieving air pressure during take-off and when landing.

#03.Carry Your Child’ Favorite Toys and Items Like A Bear That Helps Them Take A Nap

His favorite toy will get him happy and occupied as you move, but also beware of bringing toys that can hurt him if there is turbulence. Bring soft toys only, not toys with sharp edges. Also, giving him his favorite blanket, bear or pillow will get him both feel both secure and comfortable. Bring items that he can associate with bedtime, rather than having him taking medicine to help him sleep. You can also try pulling down the shades in the airplane to give him that familiar and calm surrounding.

#04.Pack Up-Bring LOTS Of Extra Diapers and Clothing

Dress your baby in layers that you can take off if your toddler gets too hot, or put back on if she gets too cold. Cold babies cry, something you are trying to avoid. Also remember, messes can happen anytime, and so it is always wise to have some extra outfits and diapers close by and easily accessible.

#05. Bring Items Related To The Countries Or States You Are Touring.

Pack some snacks that are your destination’s unique delicacy. Tell your kids stories about the places you are going to visit. You can also try bringing a portable DVD or load up your iPad with apps, games and picturesque scenes of the places you are visiting. Also, include a few games and storybooks that relate to the countries or states you will be touring. With these few items, your family trip will be not only fun and memorable but also a teachable moment for your baby. If you will be doing lots of walking and sightseeing on your holiday, remember to pack your stroller (depending on whether you have multiple your children it might make sense to invest in a triple or double stroller).

#06. Schedule Trips Around Your Child’s Sleep Time

Get her into her jammies as soon as you board the plane and cross your fingers that she will sleep right away.

The goal is to make sure you prepare. Therefore, plan well, pack, and schedule with precision. Kids look forward to trips and adventures if you make them child-centered, fun and incredibly adventurous. In any case, a happy child equals a happy parent or at least a happy mum.