The move will help sales and marketing operations resolve CRM data challenges with Data Health Analysis and Real-time Data Enrichment

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 14, 2020 — SMARTe, a global leader in enterprise Data-As-A-Service platform, which provides fresh, enriched and accurate global data in real-time, announced that it has expanded its technology stack by making its data cleansing tool DataGenie available on Salesforce AppExchange.

DataGenie provides CRM data health analysis and real-time enrichment of Salesforce data. It enriches company and contact data within CRM in real-time with more than 60 relevant attributes. DataGenie helps sales and marketing operations better manage their CRM data and prospect more diligently with enriched contacts and accounts. It ensures they always have clean and updated data for all their strategic and ABM campaigns. It is powered by a database of more than 115 million contacts with accurate email addresses and direct-dial and mobile phone numbers. DataGenie’s Always-On-CRM functionality provides refreshed data in real-time without manual intervention and thereby increases CRM data efficiency.

DataGenie audits every record on Salesforce CRM providing detailed insights along with quality scoring for each field. It offers better data match rate than any of its competing products using a combination of language translation, nick-name match, diacritic translations, fuzzy match and phonetic and email intelligence algorithms and hyper persona segmentation. “DataGenie scrutinizes, cleanses, verifies and enriches your data. It is now available at your fingertips, right within Salesforce. The level of detailing available on DataGenie is unmatched by any other product in the market today,” says Parul Gala, SVP of Products at SMARTe.

SMARTe’s presence in the Salesforce ecosystem will help sales and marketing teams bridge gaps and plug holes in their workflow of developing relationships, engage prospects and close leads. “Clean and updated customer and prospect data lets you build a high-quality pipeline which translates to a better sales closing ratio. DataGenie is one of the most elaborate data enrichment solutions in the industry today with truly global coverage across personas, levels, functions, size and industries.”, says Sanjay Gala, CEO at SMARTe.

About Smarte:

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