Koincable shares what happens inside their factory during the quality control process to make sure that all products meet the required specifications.

DONGGUAN CITY, CHINA, February 03, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — The rise in the demand for HDMI cables has inspired Koincable, a China-based cable manufacturer, to improve the manufacturing process of their products. They want consumers to have a glimpse on how they make their cables and adapters so they’ll know that all products are made efficiently with high-end materials and parts.

“We want our customers to understand how the manufacturing process goes so they will see that we give importance to each step. All of our employees and workers have the proper skills and experience to guarantee that each step of the process is done carefully and effectively.” The sales manager of Koincable shares.

The company observes a quality management structure that focuses on the overall quality control of every product including HDMI cables, USB cables, DisplayPort, USB-C, and adapters. The management strategy will involve each department of the company as well as the manufacturers and consumers. This means that even after they deliver the products to their clients, they will still extend their services by providing after-sales support.

Koincable shares that they monitor carefully each stage of the process, from choosing the materials to the final stage of inspection. They have their own HDMI and USB cable factory, so all the machines they use are of top quality. They also have all the necessary tools and equipment to ensure that all products are made in the most effective manner.

The first stage of the manufacturing process is the inspection of raw materials. Koincable, as a well-known HDMI cable manufacturer, has developed a program wherein workers must observe the proper parameters in choosing the raw materials for their cables.

The second stage is the Process Quality Control where various machines are used to test the quality and functionality of the products. This stage will include several tests including the Structure Test, Bending Test, and Mobile Devices Test among others.

The last stage is the Finished Cable Testing where all cables will undergo the final test to verify their compliance with the international standards and the requirements of their clients. Koincable customers will also receive test certificates to guarantee them the quality of their products.

About Koincable

Koincable is a cable manufacturer based in China. The company has been producing quality cables and adapters and serving their clients efficiently for the past thirteen years. Aside from HDMI cables, they also produce USB cables and adapters, USB-C, and DisplayPort.

To learn more about Koincable and the products they offer, please contact them through the following details:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone No.: 0086-769-22885121
Fax: 0086-769-22885120
Website: www.koincable.com

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