Learning.com Shares Resources Aimed at Creating Positive Digital Experiences for Children

PORTLAND, OR, May 07, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — As the world observes Mental Health Awareness Month this May, Learning.com, a leading provider of digital literacy solutions, is taking proactive steps to address a pressing issue: the need for young learners to develop healthy relationships with technology. Recognizing that banning technology isn’t the solution, Learning.com is engaging educators and parents in the conversation and providing free tools and resources during the month of May aimed at supporting the creation of positive digital experiences for children. Through an informative webinar with experts in the field on May 21, Learning.com will foster discussions that aim to help students build healthy relationships with technology.

“As parents, educators and humans, it goes beyond mere awareness; it’s about taking action. We have an obligation to teach our kids how to live safely in the world of technology,” said Learning.com CEO Lisa O’Masta. “We believe that by providing educators and parents with the necessary resources and guidance, we can equip children with the skills they need to navigate their digital world safely and confidently.”

For O’Masta, the issue is personal. In an emotional video, she shared her story of experiencing a parent’s worst nightmare – her teenager attempted to take his own life following a series of common and problematic online interactions. Similar scenarios have played out for families across the country. In fact, the issue is so pervasive that in 2023 the Surgeon General issued a mental health advisory on the dangers of social media for young people.

Yet students must learn to safely and effectively navigate and leverage the vast digital world in order to be college- and career-ready. As a leading provider of digital literacy curriculum, Learning.com is hosting a webinar on “Helping Kids Create a Healthy Relationship with Technology,” on May 21, 2024, at 4 p.m. PDT. The panel will feature the following experts:

– Dino Ambrosi, Digital wellness speaker and founder of Project Reboot
– Diana Graber, Author & founder of Cyberwise
– Merve Lapus, VP of Education Outreach and Engagement, Common Sense Education
– Cary Perales, Director of Instructional Technology, Corpus Christi Independent School District
– Lisa O’Masta, CEO of Learning.com as moderator.

Registration is free and both parents and educators are encouraged to attend.

Additionally, Learning.com is releasing some of its popular educational resources for teachers and parents to use throughout Mental Health Awareness Month. The following video lessons and downloadable activities can be found at learning.com/mental-health-awareness-month:

– Grades K-2. In the video “Pearl’s Private Password” students follow Rocki and Pearl as they learn about usernames and passwords, and gain an understanding of the basics of internet privacy and safety. A downloadable workbook and printable templates allow children to act out the stories and reinforce takeaways from the lesson

– Grades 3-5. In “Cyberbullying: A Sticky Situation” students follow Sal as he experiences cyberbullying. Students learn to recognize different types of cyberbullying, and what to do when they see or experience it. Downloadable discussion sheets and a poster encourage students to think about cyberbullying from different perspectives and foster empathy.

– Grades 6+. The “Dealing with Cyberbullying” video lesson teaches students about the harmful effects of cyberbullying, and reminds older students how to be good digital citizens. Downloadable case studies with prompts to foster critical thinking and deeper discussion among students, teachers and parents.

About Learning.com
At Learning.com, we believe it’s critical for K-12 students, regardless of background or circumstances, to have a healthy relationship with technology, resulting in improved academic outcomes, tangible life skills, and more meaningful connections with one another. Founded in 1999, the company partners with millions of students, educators, district administrators and state legislators to bridge the digital learning gap and ensure every learner has the skills to successfully navigate in and out of the classroom. Learning.com has earned more than 30 industry awards including the Award of Excellence from “Tech & Learning” and ISTE Best of Show.

Learning.com’s K-12 curriculum solutions – EasyTech, Tech Apps and EasyCode – not only foster the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills, but also help them become responsible digital citizens. These engaging, easy-to-use resources feature scaffolded, student-led digital lessons, as well as district and school-wide reporting for progress monitoring. By enabling schools to integrate technology more meaningfully, and cultivate digital readiness, Learning.com’s comprehensive curriculum plays a critical role in equipping all students to excel safely in an increasingly digital world.

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