Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution for Governmental Communication Systems

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, February 09, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Assac Networks, a specialized provider of cyber solutions for the comprehensive protection of communication devices used by government agencies, defense, and commercial organizations, announced today the successful award of a government contract for the supply and installation of its unique ShieldiT system to a governmental agency in an African country.

Under this project, ShieldiT will deliver full protection against tapping and hacking threats to all governmental communication systems, including desktops, landlines, and mobile devices. Moreover, ShieldiT will seamlessly integrate with the existing governmental monitoring and control infrastructure, consolidating all cybersecurity threats in the central system.

Assac Networks’ flagship product, ShieldiT, stands out as the only solution with a unified, managed anti-hacking, and anti-tapping capability for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) smartphones — recognized as the most vulnerable points in today’s organizational IT networks. Already deployed by governmental authorities worldwide, the system has proven its efficacy in preventing cyberattacks. ShieldiT comprises three elements: threat management – robust and AI-powered, with a user-friendly dashboard; anti-hacking – detection and prevention of cyberattacks, data theft and malware; and anti-tapping – point-to-point, military-grade voice and text message encryption and eavesdropping prevention. The unified ManageiT management dashboard centrally controls all ShieldiT features. The synergy of ManageiT and ShieldiT enables corporations to control and conduct incident response from the management console.

Shimon Zigdon, CEO of Assac Networks, stated, “In this comprehensive project, ShieldiT will, for the first time, provide full security protection coverage for all communication systems used by a governmental organization. ShieldiT addresses the urgent need for a swift response to hacking and tapping threats across all tools within the organization, including mobile phones, computers, and landlines. Assac Networks is honored to be the chosen solution for governmental clients of national importance, dedicated to protecting information against cyber-attacks.”

Paul Feller, Executive Chairman of ASPIS Cyber Technologies, major shareholder in Assac Networks, elaborates, ‘This agreement is yet another testament to our commitment to expanding Assac’s solutions into the governmental market. As a company specializing in cyber protection services for government-federal, corporate, and cellular subscribers, we are delighted to be able to expand our offering globally.

About Assac Networks
Established in 2011 by seasoned veterans of the Israeli defense and security industries, Assac Networks develops and implements unique end-point security solutions.

The company develops, integrates, and markets network-forensic and security products and solutions in the fields of mobile and landline communication – as well as cyber protection systems for ISPs, mobile carriers, governmental agencies, and commercial organizations. Among its clients are law enforcement and intelligence agencies and large enterprises around the world.

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