Likely the youngest child ever to protect 100 acres of rainforest!

SAN DIEGO, CA, April 05, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — When Justin Sather found out in kindergarten that nearly a third of the world’s amphibians were facing extinction, he had an idea to help.

First, he wanted to know why frogs were in danger as he was always intrigued and fascinated by these unique and magical creatures.

Justin learned so many facts about them. He learned there were over 5,000 different types of frog species including some of his favorites such as the Mossy Frogs and the brightly colored Strawberry Dart Frogs. He was also amazed at the lifecycle of a frog and how a tadpole living in water could transform into a four-legged animal that could survive on land. Even more so, he wondered how a frog’s tongue could catch insects faster than the blink of an eye. Not long after, Justin learned a fact that inspired him to take action.

Justin explains, “Frogs breathe and drink through their skin so they are sensitive to their environment so if the frogs are getting sick then it is a sign that the planet needs our help.”

It was in first grade when Justin joined the Grades of Green RISE Campaign program to help him save the frogs and ultimately the planet. He was eager to learn how to turn his ideas into a reality. Justin and his Grades of Green advisor created a step by step campaign plan. A key aspect of the program was to make sure Justin understood the importance and difference between raising awareness and making an impact. He quickly learned that many people didn’t take him seriously. So he started inviting his friends to the local Ballona Wetlands near his home and slowly people began to take interest in the local animals in the community and the environment.

As Justin grew so did his idea and his campaigns. He went from protecting the local wetlands to protecting the rainforests of Ecuador. When he learned that almost half of the world’s rainforests have been destroyed and could disappear in 100 years he knew he needed to help. It made him sad to know people were cutting down the rainforest for logging, cattle ranching, oil drilling, mining, and palm oil. Most of all, he learned from herpetologist Dainela Franco that the rainforests of Ecuador were home to lots of rare and extraordinary frog species.

Daniela shared over a zoom call with Justin, “This frog I think you will like a lot. It is called the Chachi Tree Frog. They can be identified by their large eyes and yellow and brown markings. When you travel here we will go searching for them.”

Justin quickly joined forces with Reserva Youth Land Trust where he began to raise money to protect the rainforests in Ecuador. He started fundraising and collecting donations from any and everyone that could help including family, friends, classmates, teammates, and businesses. In addition, Justin joined the Reserva Million Letters Campaign and presented to over thousands of students in classrooms worldwide. Collecting letters was incredibly impactful because each letter allowed him to earn $3 from a donor. In addition, all the letters are presented to world leaders at the United Nations Climate Change Conference explaining why kids want to protect nature and why world leaders need to protect our planet for the next generations.

Incredibly, the now 13-year-old environmental activist has protected over 100 acres of rainforest in Ecuador; by collecting over 2,000 letters from children around the world and raising over $40,000 in donations from thousands of individual donors. Justin even traveled to Ecuador where Daniela kept her promise and took Justin on a night hike to meet the bright eyed, yellow and brown spotted Chachi Tree Frogs. It was a dream come true.

Currently, Justin’s working to protect the rainforests in Colombia and plans to reach his 200 acre mark in the upcoming year. He’s also inspired his middle school environmental club to join in. Together they had a Raffle for the Rainforest and raised 2 acres and now they are learning how to protect our world’s waterways. This summer their club will track a sea turtle with satellite tags in Panama’s Pearl Islands to gain scientific evidence to prove the endangered turtle’s nesting grounds. The goal is to show how youth have the power to find creative solutions to create a healthy world they envision for themselves and the future. Ultimately, Justin’s idea is to protect acres and acres of land and water until 30% of the plant is protected by 2030.

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Justin’s Frog Project – Hi! I’m Justin.
I am 13 years old and live in San Diego, California. In kindergarten, I learned frogs are dying from pollution, pesticides, hotter temperatures, and people cutting down their homes. When I discovered frogs are indicator species, I knew it was a clear sign that our planet needs help. My Mission is to Create Change. I want our planet to be healthy for my family, friends, the future generations, and of course- THE FROGS! My goal is to Conserve 30% of the Planet by 2030. I am part of the 30×30 worldwide initiative. And it will take governments, companies, and all of us working together to protect 30% of Earth’s land and ocean by 2030.

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