Chairman Lee Man-Hee kicked off the ‘2024 Shincheonji’s Bible Seminars by Continent Asia (I)’ with a visit to the Philippine International Convention Center.

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, April 26, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Shincheonji Chairman Lee Man-Hee delivers a powerful and confident sermon on Revelation in the Philippines- ‘Testimony on fulfilled realities of Revelation’ explained logically and in order.

Local attendees poured out applause and was moved by the message.

“It is the mission of this person (Chairman Lee Man-Hee) to convey what has been seen and heard from the events of Revelation chapters 1 to 22. What I have seen and heard, what I have touched and what exists in reality, is what I am here to share with you. Now is not the time to say anything and simply agree with ‘Amen’. You must understand the era of reality. It is the era when promises have been fulfilled.”

Applause filled the space as the strong voice and confident sermon coming from a small stature, Chairman Lee Man-Hee over ninety years old, made expressions so simple even a child could understand. 

On the 20th of April, Chairman Lee Man-Hee visited the Philippines and since his first visit, this has been his twelfth visit to the Philippines. Chairman Lee Man-Hee kicked off the ‘2024 Shincheonji’s Bible Seminars by Continent Asia (I)’ with a visit to the Philippine International Convention Center. The sermon series will continue throughout the year in Europe, Africa, America, Oceania, and conclude again in Asia (II). The Shincheonji Church of Jesus organized this Word Seminar due to explosive responses and requests from numerous pastors and believers worldwide following the ‘Shincheonji Revelation Word Seminar’.

With an audience of 4000, Chairman Lee Man-Hee took the stage and introduced himself and what led him to faith.

According to Chairman Lee’s introduction, he was born in 1931 in Cheongdo County, Gyeongsangbuk-do. Influenced by World War II, Korea fell under Japanese colonial rule, followed by the Korean War, where he experienced the tragedy of civil warfare as soldier on the front lines. Grateful for surviving in places where not a single blade of grass could live due to relentless gunfire from both allies and enemies, he prayed to the God of heaven every evening.

Later, guided by a star (a great light), he made a covenant with God through blood and entered the path of faith. Following the star’s guidance, he practiced faith at a church with seven messengers but returned home after witnessing corruption. He then participated in the Saemaul (New Village) Movement for seven years. Afterward, he met a spiritual being from heaven and began his faith journey anew. Initially worshiping in the mountains, he eventually drew followers with the revelation he received, leading to what is now the Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

• “Jesus Commands the Witness of Revelation to Testify”

Chairman Lee explained the direct reason why he came to testify about the words of Revelation. He stated, “The majority of the events from chapters 1 to 22 of Revelation were shown and given to one person by Jesus.” He continued, “This one person will speak of everything he has seen and heard up to chapter 22.” He emphasized again that it was “one person who saw everything from chapters 1 to 22 of Revelation,” explaining that when these prophecies are fulfilled, it is not Jesus who testifies, but Jesus commands the witness to testify to the churches, citing Revelation 22:16 and 8. Revelation 22:16 records that Jesus sends ‘my angel’ for the churches, and verse 8 refers to ‘I, John,’ indicating the one who has seen and heard the events of the entire book of Revelation.
Chairman Lee stated, “There is a time for prophecy and a time when it will be fulfilled,” and “when it is fulfilled, we are to see and believe, which is why it was prophesied in advance.”
Chairman Lee Man-Hee said, “With the thought ‘I must tell all these things to everyone, not just keep it to myself,’ I traveled around the world delivering the message,” and “I testified by going around 32 times just to convey what I had seen and heard.”

• “To Enter Heaven, One Must Verify the Fulfilled Realities and Be Sealed.”

Chairman Lee explained that this era is ‘the time when Revelation is being fulfilled.’
Chairman Lee stated, “Now is not the time to say anything and simply agree with ‘Amen,'” and “You must understand the era of reality. It is the era when promises have been fulfilled.” He stressed, “Revelation includes a beast with seven heads and ten horns, and also seven stars. It’s about understanding what these actual appearances represent,” and reiterated that “when God records such people’s emergence, it is so that today the fulfillment may be seen, heard, and believed.”
Referring to Revelation 22:18-19, Chairman Lee Man-Hee emphasized that one cannot enter heaven if they add to or take away from the Book of Revelation. In doing so, he awakened a sense of urgency in faith by saying, “One must know everything without subtracting. It’s difficult enough to practice even when knowing everything; without knowledge, one would lose hope.”
Chairman Lee also said that if one desires heaven and eternal life, they must go to the ends of the earth if necessary to find out whether it is a reality fulfilled according to the Bible. Chairman Lee stressed, “Faith is not for making money,” and “It’s not the time to have faith with the old mentality. One must verify. After verifying, one must decide whether to believe or not.”

Chairman Lee biblically referred to the importance of engraving the words in one’s heart.  He mentioned that those who do so become the sealed ones spoken of in Revelation 7…Those who are sealed can live in heaven, have eternal life, and be part of God’s family, but those who are not have no relation to God.”

To the local people, Chairman Lee frequently conveyed greetings, having had deep connection with the Philippines, he expressed “The Philippines was the first place I came to testify after receiving the word,” and “I hold affection for the Philippines.”

In fact, the Philippines has maintained a relationship with Chairman Lee for over a decade. Apart from his religious activities, as the representative of the non-governmental international organization HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light), he visited the Philippines and mediated the first civilian peace agreement in Mindanao, which had been in conflict for over 40 years. Following this, peace was established in the region, and this news received global attention.

Meanwhile, during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 when borders were closed, Shincheonji Church of Jesus held an online Word Seminar and impressed religious communities worldwide. After receiving the words of Shincheonji, numerous denominations flooded requests for exchange, leading to MOUs (Memorandums of Understanding) for word exchange with 443 domestic churches and 9,462 churches in 77 countries overseas. After the exchange of words, 1,382 churches in 38 countries abroad changed their signs to Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony.

Shincheonji Church of Jesus announced, “Due to the explosive response and earnest requests from numerous pastors and believers worldwide, we will host the ‘2024 Continental Shincheonji Word Seminar’ starting with Asia (I) on April 20th. The Word Seminars are scheduled to take place throughout the year in Europe, Africa, America, Oceania, and Asia (II). The seminars will be live streamed in multiple languages on YouTube for anyone around the world to watch.”

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