Painless Transition Towards the New Normal

DOHA, QATAR, June 21, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — The offices we know, optimised for flexible efficiency now have to be re-optimised in a very different way. The imminent return to the physical office requires applying safety measures and redesigning of the workplaces, in order to protect employees and prevent the further spread of the pandemic. The business environment will endure the highest level of change, since it faces adaptation in use, culture, working methodologies, and technology.

The New Normal requires new workspaces with the capacity to fit a time of constant change. A challenge which lies before everyone is to secure the highest levels of safety for returning to business-as-usual, through the creation of smart and highly functional layouts. Reduced density requirements lead to a necessary transformation of the workplaces fitted for the average 11m2 per worker, to suit reduced density.

Maximum occupation of 60% is set to allow safe circulation, maintaining a minimum safety distance. A new office fit-out must provide shortest routes between vital points, in a straightforward manner which will secure high levels of productivity in challenging conditions.

The best way to comply with the new rules is by using flexible furniture in various configurations, easy to assemble according to the particular needs. Installation of mobile separating elements and plexiglass barriers, reduced number of chairs, new desks layouts, relocation of auxiliary furniture, all present the set of measures necessary to increase safety levels and create more efficient separation space.

Replacing highly porous or sensitive surfaces like natural oiled wood with robust materials, able to withstand heavy cleaning, is a smart and practical approach. Carpets and textiles should be bacteria-resistant and prepared to withstand heavy cleaning, aggressive agents, and constant sterilisation.

Air filtration systems present a problem that needs to be faced with caution. One of the possible solutions is the installation of an ultraviolet light air purifying system. A heavy ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is performed after hours to make sure that the office is perfectly sanitised for the next day.

The interior design of cafeterias or break rooms must be suited to minimise the necessity for interpersonal, tactile or indirect contact. Reducing the area capacity to 4 persons within every 10m2, or to 50% overall, will secure the proper distance between available seats; other solutions include placing protective screens, providing biodegradable disposable covers or elements, and marking directions for circulation. Introducing contactless appliances, as well as touchless doors, elevators and lightings, is also advisable.

Adapting a workspace for post-COVID business life have to be executed in the best interest of the people who inhabit it. If the change is imminent, a proper fit-out is a solution to make it work with the least possible amount of stress included.

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