Developed by a fitness instructor coping with chronic pain & fatigue herself, Cocolime Fitness is bringing real relief to people around the world suffering with debilitating health issues.

TRES RIOS, COSTA RICA, April 19, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Former fitness instructor, Suzanne Wickremasinghe, has turned her battle with chronic pain & fatigue into a unique fitness program designed specifically for people dealing with auto-immune diseases, such as, fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue.

In 2015 Suzanne developed fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue which brought her “normal life” to a complete halt. Determined to find a solution she looked far and wide for a health & fitness program for her condition. To her surprise, there was nothing to be found in the genre, except conflicting advice and exercises that seemed to make her condition worse. So Suzanne decided to work on a solution of her own and began developing medium intensity fitness routines that would not damage her body, but provided the needed movement to help reduce aches and pains, improve energy and get better quality sleep.

Over the past two years Suzanne has developed and published dozens of free workouts and stretch routines designed for specific conditions available on YouTube. The responses are very encouraging: “Cocolime Fitness has been amazing for me. After realizing my intense workouts were doing more harm than good to my body due to adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism, these workouts have been just what my body needed and craved. With Suzanne’s workouts, I am able to workout daily like I love and I am seeing good results with some days only working out for 15 minutes!” – Rebecca, Tucson, Arizona

Today Suzanne is happy to announce the release of the Cocolime Fitness iOS app, consolidating years of research and development into one place. In the free app you can find:

Exercise modifications: Sometimes you may experience pain while doing a certain move in a workout and you need to do something different, but you still want the benefit of doing the exercise. These video tutorials will show you how to modify the moves to something that is safe and effective.

Questions & Answers: Every day Suzanne receives questions from chronic pain & fatigue sufferers around the world. In the app you can find her answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding diet & fitness when dealing with a chronic illness.

Workouts for Fibromyalgia & Fatigue: Work through several sample workout routines to see for yourself how these exercises will help your condition improve, instead of stressing your body out. Then progress to one of the two 23 day programs: Get Fit With Fatigue & Pain, or Get Fit With M.I.T.

For those without an Apple device, visit the Cocolime Fitness website to gain access to the workout programs.

What started as a personal endeavor to not be beaten by chronic health problems, has turned into a resource that has helped hundreds around the world get onto the road of recovery. It is Suzanne’s sincere hope that her efforts and discoveries can help more people gain back the quality of life they have lost.

Link to app on iTunes App Store:


ABOUT: Cocolime Fitness was created by Suzanne Wickremasinghe, a PT and Fitness Instructor who deals with chronic pain & fatigue. The project is a compilation of research and development to provide restorative, low impact, medium intensity workouts for people with chronic pain & fatigue, that helps them to function, feel and look better fast.

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