Patricia Blake’s new podcast, “To Protect and to Serve,” debuts with a pair of engaging episodes, while anticipation builds for the upcoming release of the “SEND ME!” theme song in May, and more songs to follow this year.

YERINGTON, NV, April 26, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — “To Protect and to Serve,” the highly anticipated new podcast hosted by LAPD veteran Patricia Blake, has finally arrived, promising listeners an immersive journey into the heart of law enforcement. In its inaugural episode, Patty reunites with her friend and former partner, John Vasquez, delivering a show that seamlessly blends police procedural with poignant storytelling. The episode itself is a powerful beginning to a promising series.

“The first installment of ‘To Protect and to Serve’ truly was a rollercoaster of emotions for John and me,” confesses Blake. “From reliving our shared experiences on the force to exploring the deeper bonds forged in the line of duty, it’s a journey that I hope will resonate with both law enforcement professionals and the wider community.”

The second episode takes a more lighthearted turn, embracing female camaraderie and a whole lot of laughs! Special guests Kristine Kenney and Johnneen Jones join Patty Blake and her producers for a riveting look inside the LAPD during a transitional period for women on the force. It’s not all laughs, though, as the ladies (and gents) discuss tough topics and emotional memories. Listeners can expect a wild “ride-along” filled with charm, grit, and insightful conversations.

“Each podcast episode is a tapestry of diverse perspectives and experiences,” Blake explains. “While occasionally I’ll host solo alongside [producers] Scottie and Eddy, the heart of the show lies in our engaging, long-form conversations with captivating guests from my LAPD days.”

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Alongside this thrilling new podcast, Blake is gearing up for the release of the theme song for her podumentary series, “SEND ME!” The title track recently debuted in a bare-bones demo version, offering a glimpse into its heartfelt lyrics and country flair. Now, one month later, professional musicians are in the studio, adding the finishing touches to the fully produced version.

In crafting “SEND ME!”, the songwriting team of Patty and Scottie sought lyrics and melody that would embody the essence of the series. After landing on the perfect demo, they enlisted the talents of some of the finest session players around—many straight out of Nashville—and they set out to create a record for the ages.

Now, as the final touches are carefully, lovingly applied to the full-band version, anticipation surges for a soundtrack that aims to elevate the podumentary experience to untold heights. With its fusion of heartfelt lyrics and masterful instrumentation, “SEND ME!” is sure to become an anthem for first responders everywhere.

For all you music lovers, there’s more: The theme song is just the beginning. In addition to this captivating tune, eight more original compositions are in the pipeline, set to debut in forthcoming episodes of SEND ME! These tracks will culminate in the creation of a full-fledged collection titled “The ‘SEND ME!’ Songbook“.

Patty adds: “My lyrics are a reflection of the depth of emotion and experience woven into each episode of SEND ME! They are adaptations of my prose into the poetry format, and every word carries the weight of real-life stories. Scottie’s wonderful chords and melodies perfectly complement my work, adding an extra layer of depth and resonance to each song.”

The “SEND ME!” theme song is slated for an early May release, with additional tracks to follow soon after. Among them, the second offering, “You Chose Me,” serves as a heartfelt tribute to Patricia Blake’s cherished, late horse, Mocha.

“Mocha is truly the light in every sunset now,” says Patty. “God’s timing and wisdom.”

Stay tuned as SEND ME! and To Protect and to Serve continue to release new episodes, providing audiences everywhere with front-row seats to the world of law enforcement and the compelling stories—and songs—that shape it.

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