To address these issues, Nank(Naenka) is expected to launch the new OE series of open earbuds in the first quarter of 2024.

NEW YORK, NY, January 21, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — With more than ten years accumulation in audio technology, Nank(Naenka) has made outstanding achievements in acoustic technology innovation, and Nank headphones got many awards, such as the German Red Dot, Muse Design Award, etc. More notably, Nank(Naenka) has also signed a contract with world swimming champion Fu Yuanhui as our brand ambassador, reaffirming Nank’s comprehensive strength in the field of open headphones.

After a long period of research, prolonged use of traditional in-ear headphones may pose health risks such as ear canal infections, discomfort and even hearing damage. To address these issues, Nank(Naenka) is expected to launch the new OE series of open earbuds in the first quarter of 2024. These headphones ensure sound quality while avoiding pressure on the ear canal, and are more in line with ergonomics and healthy listening standards, allowing users to enjoy quality music while maintaining their hearing health.

Sound Quality and Technology
The OE Series MIX ultra-light wireless bluetooth headsets, both in terms of materials and technological innovations, are built against the high-end flagship models on the market, upgraded with Super Bass 3.0 runway-type high-performance sound unit, the latest Bluetooth 5.4 chip, and also have a 56:44 front and rear lightweight design, which maximizes attention to comfort on the basis of improved sound quality.

Packaging and Design
OE MIX charging compartment adopts buttonless pebble shape design with hypoallergenic grade liquid silicone material, the surface is made of piano baking paint process, round and delicate, fashionable and light and simple, not easy to stain fingerprints and dust.
The open design in the non-ear wearing is a major feature, allowing you to enjoy the music while still being able to perceive the surrounding environment. Whether for outdoor sports or daily life, this design greatly enhances safety.

Noise Cancellation and Battery
The Mix ture wireless headset features dual-mic, dual-channel noise cancellation to improve call quality, and effectively eliminates wind noise and enhances immersion whether you’re cycling or running. Single earbud has a 55mAh battery with a 400mAh charging compartment, which provides up to 8 hours of battery life in a single time and up to 24 hours of total battery life.

Comfort Wearing Experience
Weighing only 6.7 grams on each headphone, the more refined exterior dimensions are achieved through a highly integrated precision structural design. The headset utilizes a hovering ear-hanging design and skin-friendly materials to provide a more comfortable, snug fit.
Considering the needs of eyeglasses users, the bending characteristics of the earhung, the elasticity of the material and the structure of the headset are specially designed so that the headset can be perfectly integrated with the wearer’s head curves and eyeglasses temples, thus improving the practicality and applicability of the headset.

With a variety of open headset products, marking the open headset officially into the mature stage, Nank(Naenka) as a bone conduction headset brand pioneer, has been actively exploring and innovation, is committed to creating a more superior, more comprehensive products, designed to let new and old customers have a new experience and feel every time.

As the headphone industry continues to progress and innovate every day, Nank(Naenka) will stick to its original intention and continue to challenge itself and surpass itself, in order to create a more superior listening technology!

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