Unafraid to break the mold and bounce to a new beat

NEW YORK, NY, January 26, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Proving that New York’s queer music scene is alive and well, Mr. Riopelle is making sure that his debut release “TOP ERA” is hitting all the right marks. Cheeky, diverse with enough mischief to melt the blush of a drag queen, the single is drawn from his upcoming album CANDOR which will make statements for all the right reasons.

“TOP ERA” harks back to the glory days of the 90s when artists were unafraid to express themselves with a bit of spice. The social conformity of today’s world has driven music to a much less colorful place, and it is something that limits the injection of fun and freedom of expression into what should be a safe space.

Mr. Riopelle is unafraid to enter that territory, which puts it beyond the reach of those under 18 and with a conservative point of view. However, if you have ever danced until dawn with a smile on your dial, sweating and pulsating to the rhythm of the night with its seething bodies and exultant celebration of what it means to be alive, then “TOP ERA” is for you.

People reference The Paradise Garage, Studio 54, and The Limelight as the beating heart of New York’s gay scene back in the day where this would have driven the dance floor wild with ecstasy, but “TOP ERA” is equally at home at its modern venues like Rise, 3 Dollar Bill, and Eagle NYC. The single is destined to become a club favorite.

As Mr. Riopelle quotes, “It’s about being a top – assertive and strong – but wearing a sequin dress and five-inch heels while you do it. It’s about the contradictions that surprise us but make us relatable and human.” Despite that complex narrative, the song is filled with humor and will get everybody moving to the bounce of Mr. Riopelle’s beat.

Dance music is just that. Music that moves your feet and makes you forget about the world outside. As Mr. Riopelle takes his steps into the light, discover an artist who will do that and more. Perfect for DJs and Radio Stations unafraid to spin tunes that break the mold, adding “TOP ERA” to your set lists is an absolute must.

“TOP ERA” will be available on all major streaming platforms Friday, February 2nd, 2024.

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