Construction Accidents and Wrongful Death Claims Are Complex, But Legal Representation Does Not Have to Be.

ATLANTA, GA, February 22, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Construction accidents are complex as there are often many parties involved. This can leave the loved ones of a victim who died in a construction accident wondering whom to sue. Additionally, the question of who can sue is also important.

When a person dies in a construction accident, their spouse, parents, or children are usually the ones granted the right to sue. However, in some cases, a victim does not have living parents, a spouse, or any children. Under these circumstances, a sibling may be able to sue.

Construction sites are often fraught with hazards. There are many moving parts, and workers rely on those parts functioning to be able to perform in a safe environment. When an accident does happen, and a worker dies, there are many parties that could potentially be liable.

Some of the more frequent parties that loved ones sue in wrongful death and construction accident claims are general contractors, developers, manufacturers, and supervisors.

Because of the intricacy of wrongful death and construction accident claims, it is best that loved ones seek the counsel and representation of an experienced attorney. It is vital that the attorney the loved ones choose is knowledgeable in the field and devoted to fighting for the rights of the grieving.

The attorneys at The Stoddard Firm have aided the families of those who have lost their lives in construction accidents. Matthew B. Stoddard, owner and lead attorney, explains, “Our goal is to provide grieving families with exceptional legal representation. We want them to know we are behind them in securing their deserved compensation.”

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