Spaulding Decon is excited to service the Jacksonville, Florida region.

JACKSONVILLE, FL, January 15, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Jacksonville native, Thomas LoRusso has never been one to shy away from taking risks. This savvy D-I-Y master, proficient in many trades, isn’t afraid to take on the most ambitious of projects, so it was of no surprise to his friends and family when he decided to join the Spaulding Decon family.

While the world of decontamination was not one he had previously considered, Thomas knew it would fit in with his other ventures of niche entrepreneurship. In fact, Mr. LoRusso has traveled to many places throughout the country mastering a trade that most are not familiar with, unless of course, you have a brick home. Thomas is one of the only experts in the country to specialize in and perfect the art of German Smear, a unique technique that gives the illusion of a weathered look and feel to the old-fashioned, stale bricks. His one-of-a-kind technique is done without the use of paint, thus allowing homeowners to enhance the appearance of their stones or brick without compromising their integrity, and need I say.. it is truly remarkable!

In addition to German Smearing and traveling for this trade, Thomas wanted to expand his horizons and decided to give franchising a try, this is when he learned about Spaulding Decon. While the art of decontamination and remediation was not at the forefront of his mind, once Thomas learned about Spaulding he knew it was exactly what he wanted. A company dedicated to helping those in need during times of great distress. “Compassion, empathy, and sympathy are attributes that I exude throughout my day-to-day life. When I discovered that I could instill that in my company and truly make a difference to those in need in my community, I promptly reached out to Laura, and began my journey into this partnership” The idea of partnering with CEO, Laura Spaulding, and being able to provide a service so niche that many don’t even know exists, truly resonated with Thomas. He loved that there was a company that people could lean on during times of turmoil and distress. “Losing a loved one is a terrible and heart-breaking thing, I have personally had to deal with losses of this nature. No one should have to cope with their loss while dealing with the aftermath alone,” said Thomas.

While there are many similar franchise models, Spaulding Decon is the only of its kind to offer over 14 service verticals throughout the US. This recession proof business is a well-oiled machine that provides thorough training, marketing, and operational tools to ensure the success of their franchisees.

Thomas plans to provide a level of customer service never seen before in the remediation space, making himself available 24-7 to those within Jacksonville. “It doesn’t matter the time of day or night, my phone will be available to anyone in need,” stated Thomas when asked about his dedication to the community he was raised in.

Spaulding Decon is the nation’s leader in the crime scene cleanup industry. They offer services from accidental death and biohazard cleanup, hoarding cleanup, drug lab cleanup, mold remediation, water damage restoration, rodent dropping cleanup, tear gas cleanup and more. In 2020, Spaulding Decon made the Inc 5000 list with over 608% growth, as well as Entrepreneur Magazine for their Franchise 500 list.

If you are in need of our services and are located in the Jacksonville region, please call 904-265-5244.

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