empowers small business owners, buyers, and brokers, ensuring local legacies grow, transition, and live on.

CINCINNATI, OH, June 26, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ —, the innovative platform designed to reshape the small business marketplace, proudly announces its official launch. With a mission to democratize the buying and selling of small businesses, provides a suite of tools and resources tailored to the needs of small business owners, buyers, and brokers. The platform is now open for new user registrations.

“At, we believe that the dream of owning and selling a small business should be attainable for everyone,” said Joe Brown, Cofounder & CEO. “Our mission is to champion small business owners to secure their legacies, enable buyers to find the perfect business, and equip brokers with the resources to facilitate seamless transactions. We are committed to fostering a transparent, efficient, and supportive marketplace where every stakeholder can thrive.”

The founding team, led by industry experts Joe Brown (CEO), Mike Hillenmeyer (COO), and Brit Karel (CMO), brings together decades of experience in product innovation, business operations, and marketing strategy. With a shared passion for small businesses and a deep understanding of the market’s challenges, the SMB team is dedicated to providing a platform that meets the unique needs of their users. is designed to serve three primary user groups. For small business owners, helps them value, grow, and sell their businesses. For small business buyers, provides tools to find and purchase businesses with confidence. And, for small business brokers, offers resources to connect buyers and sellers and manage transactions efficiently.

“Many small business owners and buyers struggle with the accuracy and reliability of information,” said Mike Hillenmeyer, Cofounder and COO. “ provides verified financials, comprehensive valuations, and due diligence support to build trust and ensure transparency throughout the process.”

“The process of buying or selling a business can be daunting,” continues Joe. “Our platform simplifies each step, offering intuitive tools for business search, valuation, and transaction management, making the process accessible even for first-time buyers and sellers.”

“Buyers often find that on-market deals are overly competitive and picked over,” said Brit Karel, Cofounder & CMO. “ offers exclusive access to off-market listings, providing buyers with a broader range of opportunities that match their criteria.” is now onboarding new users, including a waitlist of over 2k users. Small business owners, buyers, and brokers are invited to join the small business marketplace platform and experience the future of small business transactions.

Visit to register today.

About is reshaping the small business marketplace by providing a platform that connects small business owners, buyers, and brokers with the tools and resources they need for successful transactions. Our mission is to make the buying and selling of small businesses accessible, transparent, and efficient.

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