New sustainability initiative puts dairy into a broader perspective

ATLANTA, GA, February 06, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dairy is more than just a glass of milk and The Dairy Alliance, a leader in the dairy industry in raising awareness about the nutritional advantages of milk, is helping people see the bigger picture through a recently launched series. The “See Dairy Differently” campaign showcases stories of progress across the dairy community and captures a deeper look into the various components that contribute to dairy and dairy farming.

“‘See Dairy Differently’ is part of our commitment to sustainability and offers a fresh new way for thought leaders to see the dairy industry and how it is evolving, particularly through our Southeast dairy farmers,” said Geri Berdak, Chief Executive Officer at The Dairy Alliance. “Dairy milk is more than just a delicious and nutritional beverage. The dedicated dairy farmers responsible for bringing this wholesome product to our stores, schools, and homes engage in remarkable work that surpasses common perceptions.”

The “See Dairy Differently” series comprises six engaging 2–3-minute videos each month that provide an in-depth exploration of various facets of a dairy farm, revealing the multifaceted nature of the practice beyond common perceptions. The series shares “A Farm is More Than Just a Farm,” “A Cow is More Than Just a Cow,” “A Farmer is More Than Just a Farmer,” and “A Field is More Than Just a Field.” To watch the “See Dairy Differently” videos, visit the link here.

In addition to innovations, the videos highlight the environmental impacts of the dairy industry and efforts to mitigate climate change. It highlights the pivotal roles played by various farmers with The Dairy Alliance, particularly those within local cooperatives. These names include:

John and Celia Harrison of Sweetwater Valley Farms, Tennessee: ADA of Tennessee state directors and active members of Dairy Farmers of America (DFA).

Adam Graft of Leatherbrook Holsteins, Georgia: Southeast farmer representative on the Dairy Sustainability Alliance and a dedicated member of DFA.

Pete Gelber of Barrington Dairies, Georgia: Member of The Dairy Alliance Board of Directors and a committed member of DFA.

Sam Craun of Davis Brothers Dairy, Tennessee: ADA of Tennessee State Director and active member of Dairy Farmers of America (DFA)

The Elgin Family of J Team Dairy, Virginia: ADA of Virginia State Director and proud members of Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative (MDVA).

Nathan Southern of Mountain View Dairy Farm, North Carolina: Active participant in the “See Dairy Differently” series and a member of Cobblestone Milk Producers.

“This video series offers a deeper dive into the different components of the dairy industry and how their synergy can create a more sustainable future,” added Berdak.

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The Dairy Alliance is a nonprofit funded by dairy farm families of the Southeast. We work diligently with dairy farmers, schools, sports teams, health professionals, local organizations, state leaders, the media, and the public to promote dairy foods and knowledge about the dairy industry. Our efforts center in eight states: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

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