Coin investors love to showcase at Consensus 2018

GREENVILLE, SC, February 28, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — GOLDCOIN (GLD), the crypto-currency investors love, is holding its price at about $0.20 despite intense market volatility caused by a flood of new investment. Its market cap is over $6 million.

GOLDCOIN (GLD), which has been as high as $0.55 as institutional investors moved into the cryptocurrencies that showed promise as ongoing businesses, announces its Roadmap for further improvements.

In late November GOLDCOIN will have a completed iOS app ready for submission to the Apple App Store.

Work will also begin on a client upgrade that will improve mining and SPV wallet performance. This update will constitute a “soft fork,” but it will in no way affect GOLDCOIN owners and will be 100 percent backward compatible with older clients.

In January, the new client was set up on a private Testnet for testing and bug checking. Preserving backward compatibility is a high priority and there is special concern about how the new client handles cross-talk among older versions.

Once the client has been fully tested, it will be time to build and sign the binaries and roll out the upgrade. This rollout will be made in conjunction with a series of news articles and press releases.

This will enable the development of an Electrum-type wallet that will provide an enhanced experience for general users.

In December, GOLDCOIN seeks to win approval by Apple to have our newly built iOS app listed in the App Store. A committee of four developers has been assembled to work through the submission process.

Later in March, GOLDCOIN expects to roll out the new SPV wallet (thin client). This will make our network upgrade complete and will provide a complete set of tools for our users that includes an Android app, iOS app, and an Electrum style light wallet.

“These upgrades keep the business case for GOLDCOIN strong,” comments Greg Matthews, GOLDCOIN systems administrator. “The quality of our network provides robust support for the value we provide – staying true to Satoshi Nakamoto’s original technology.

GOLDCOIN (GLD) will soon spread the good news across the globe: The GOLDCOIN (GLD) roadshow will kick off in the Spring 0f 2018 with a Conference Tour that will allow the team to showcase the cryptocurrency’s technology and new software to the industry all over the world. The first stop will be at the Consensus 2018 trade show which will bring together 4,000+ industry professionals and feature more than 200 of the brightest minds shaping the blockchain technology and digital asset industries.

“The tide for GOLDCOIN is rising. Investors show clearly that they prefer hard money,” Matthews concludes.

GoldCoin is faster than both BTC and LTC in terms of confirmation times and features an innovative 51% attack defense system.

GoldCoin is Hard Money. A super secure value store and cash payment system for the New Digital World -built on Satoshi Nakamoto’s original protocol. It’s the money of a new generation.

Goldcoin is a great name meaning “value” to billions of people Worldwide. Our multi-pool resistant client is innovative and secure with an integrated 51% attack defense system. Goldcoin is a genuinely unique coin, not just another clone.

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Contact: Greg Matthews
Phone: 864-332-9068
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