RALEIGH, NC, March 20, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Pools are a great way to relax and enjoy your days with friends and family or even to unwind from a long day or week. Unfortunately, every year children and adults are injured by electrocution or an electric shock from swimming pools or hot tubs. While the risk of this occurring is lower than other forms of electrocution, the fact remains that it is a concern. The good news is, this is preventable. If your GFCI, bonding, and grounding of the water are adequately installed, electrocutions can be avoided. Keep in mind, even if these elements have been effectively executed, corrosion and deterioration can lead to shock incidents or hazards; this is why it is essential to maintain routine electrical inspections and testing.

While regular maintenance and inspections help prevent accidents, it is imperative that the service technicians you are entrusting are well trained and informed on proper installation procedures. Nothing is worse than finding out that negligence and incompetence are the roots of your problem. If a technician does not understand the full function of the bonding wire, they may neglect to add them to the system, which can result in the pool no longer being bonded or electrically safe.

In recent years, alternative lighting solutions have emerged as well, improving safety; however, alternative lighting cannot solve swimming pool’s electrical hazards, according to Electrical Construction Maintenance Magazine. According to Tom Zind, a writer for the magazine, even as safer lighting emerges, aging pools may remain connected to 120V lighting systems that are aging, causing electrical safety issues.

Pool professions must understand the basics as well as the fundamentals of electricity, which pertain to pools and spas, as well as being familiar with the latest in NEC (National Electrical Code), which applies to bonding, grounding, and the use of CFCIs.

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