Parent Coaching Institute (PCI), the world’s premiere parent coach training program, announces a new global outreach project.

BELLINGHAM, WA, March 15, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Parent Coaching Institute (PCI) proudly announces a new initiative to help parents know more about the availability of parent coaching services. “Why I PCI” will be a series of short videos, created by instructors, graduates and students of the Parent Coach Certification® Program. With varying ideas and diverse approaches, their content will reflect the high-level of expertise of the family support professionals drawn to PCI’s program. Recognized by Life Coach Magazine as the overall front runner for parent coach training, PCI wants to make sure parents know they are in great hands with the highly skilled professionals drawn to PCI’s Parent Coach Certification® program.

Gloria DeGaetano, founder and CEO explains, “The Why I PCI initiative, will help to fill the information gap about What is a Parent Coach? I was recently interviewed for an article about parent coaching. The journalist who wrote it was fair and accurate. Yet the piece repeated the same narrative of other past articles, dating back to 2002—my first interview about parent coaching which was for the Wall Street Journal. In 2005, PCI was featured in a New York Times article and in 2007 we were featured in a Good Housekeeping piece. And on it went with regular interviews to the present day. Yet, even with all this media exposure over decades, parent coaching is still little known by the very parents who could benefit from the services. We are hoping Why I PCI changes that—for good.”

The initiative is the brainchild of Emily Schweppe, PCI’s Communications Coordinator. Emily explains: “One of PCI’s goals this year was to create more visibility of what PCI offers to parents around the world. A few years ago, I was introduced to Simon Sinek’s, powerful work in “Find Your Why” which was part of the inspiration for launching this initiative. Our why allows us to align our life and work with our core values; it becomes our anchor and gives us a sense of purpose. No matter who we are, when we define our why, we can communicate clearly and effectively why we do what we do. And that, ultimately, has a profound impact on the people and the world around us.”

Using evidence-based strategies and a well-researched coaching framework, PCI Certified Parent Coaches® work with families to help them create awareness of new possibilities. On the Why I PCI short videos, PCI coaches and students in the parent coach training program will share inspiration, positivity, and motivation that they themselves use in their coaching. This will highlight for parents in a visual, visceral way what is indeed possible for them.

Mrs. Schweppe adds, “A byproduct of creating more visibility with Why I PCI, will be supporting graduate’s businesses as it will direct parents, who are wanting support, to a PCI trained Parent Coach. We invite the world to follow us on social media and see the massive impact PCI graduates and students are creating.”

The PCI’s acclaimed distance-learning, graduate-level training program, offered in affiliation with Southern New Hampshire University, enrolls family support professionals through an application process, Applications are currently being accepted for the Summer Term to begin this June. For more information or to download an application form, please visit

About The Parent Coaching Institute
The Parent Coaching Institute (The PCI) offers Parent Coach Certification® for family professionals, coaching services for parents, and specialized programs for companies and organizations. Founded in 2000 by internationally acclaimed educator, Gloria DeGaetano, PCI originated the parent coaching industry. Today it continues to set the highest standards for Parent Coach Certification® and for parent coaching services worldwide. The PCI is headquartered in Bellingham, Washington. For more information, please visit, or call 425-449-8877.

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