The rising star in the sports audio arena displayed five groundbreaking products, embodying the theme of “New Fashion, New Tech, New Talent.”

LAS VEGAS, NV, January 12, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — HAKII, a rising star in the sports audio arena, stole the spotlight at CES 2024 on Jan 9 with a dazzling display of five groundbreaking products, embodying the theme of “New Fashion, New Tech, New Talent.” This electrifying unveiling showcased HAKII’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio technology and empowering the next generation of active individuals.

A Fashionable Fusion of Sound and Style

As the future successor of the innovative HAKII MIX series, HAKII MIX2 rewrites the rules of audio fashion, effortlessly blending a stylish hat with high-performance headphones. This revolutionary concept seamlessly integrates a hat with high-performance headphones, boasting a powerful 18mm speaker and amplifier combination for CD-quality sound. The MIX2 transcends mere functionality, offering unparalleled comfort and immersive audio experiences for the style-conscious adventurer.

Ushering in a Tech-Savvy Era of Sound

HAKII OWS (Tentative name) and LINK (Tentative name) redefine convenience and connectivity for the tech-savvy listener. While the sleek HAKII OWS open-ear buds empower users with voice-activated commands, the dual-C ear clip headphones HAKII LINK introduced intuitive head gesture controls, boasting top-notch sound quality, seamless connectivity, and intelligent app management. Whether conquering the pavement or dominating the gym, HAKII OWS and LINK seamlessly transition from workout to workday with style and ease.

Igniting the Spark of Tomorrow’s Audio Stars

The HAKII LIGHT and SURVIN shine a spotlight on the future of audio, catering to the fearless night runners and water warriors. Designed for passion and performance, these headphones are built to withstand water and darkness. The ultra-lightweight HAKII SURVIN (a mere 21g) boasts an IP68 swimming-grade waterproof rating and bone conduction technology. Joining the SURVIN is the HAKII LIGHT, open-ear headphones with unique Beacon String Design that shines in the darkness.

HAKII: Championing the Future of Audio, Amplifying the Next Generation

HAKII stands tall at CES as a beacon of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of sports audio. From bold fashion statements to intuitive tech, and unwavering support for the next generation of talent, HAKII invites you to join the movement. Embrace the New Fashion, New Tech, and New Talent that defines HAKII – and let your own potential roar.

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