Reducing Drunk Driving in Our Communities Scholarship awards Haynes $2,500 in financial aid.

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC, February 14, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Drunk driving remains a problem across the nation, but college campuses see more than their fair share of drunk driving accidents. Students testing the boundaries of their ability to drink can make bad decisions that result in devastating consequences for everyone around them.

Shelly Leeke Law Firm, LLC, recognizes the dangers of drunk driving and wants to encourage the next generation to think critically about possible solutions. That’s why the team offers its annual Shelly Leeke Law Scholarship. The “Reducing Drunk Driving in Our Communities” Scholarship asks students to critically address community DUIs.

This year, the scholarship award goes to Cambrie Haynes. Haynes attends Coastal Carolina University as a junior pursuing a public health degree. She recommends approaching the collegiate DUI problem by addressing transportation concerns and encouraging careful student forethought.

Haynes specifically emphasizes steps her university has already taken, like the debut of the Teal Mobile, as key assets in the fight to reduce DUIs. Both the Teal Mobile and local rideshare services make it easier for intoxicated students to get home without putting their peers at risk.

Haynes herself has taken steps to encourage freshmen to think critically about alcohol consumption and DUIs. She works as a peer leader with the Student Success Center, ensuring that freshmen can turn to her with questions about alcohol, safe campus transportation, and night-out planning.

The scholarship selection committee with Shelly Leeke Law Firm, LLC, applauds Haynes’ commitment to the education of her peers and her recommendations for a safer collegiate environment. The team hopes the scholarship’s $2,500 award will help Haynes pursue her long-term goals with less financial stress.

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