Activated Water Performs with Higher Kill Rates in Less Time than Chemicals

MADISON, WI, May 28, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — In a validation study performed at Deibel Laboratories, BIOIONIX® generated activated water (also known as electrolyzed water or HOCl) demonstrated a 4 to >6 Log reduction of pathogens: Salmonella, L. Mono, E. Coli and B. Cereus. Study results are being finalized and can be shared upon request.

With more food manufacturers looking to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals and save water, brands have been urging BIOIONIX to expand to CIP. “We knew it was possible based on scientific studies, but wanted to validate it for ourselves and for our partners.” states Kyle Jenson, VP Sales BIOIONIX.

The goal of the study was to demonstrate the potential microbial log reduction of a “low” baseline of 150 ppm of BIOIONIX activated water with only 30 seconds of contact time on stainless steel, plastic and epoxy. Standard protocol for CIP/COP with HOCl is 200ppm with much longer exposure time and a continuous spray. “With such high log reductions at this baseline, we’re confident our partners can replace the toxic sanitizers with BIOIONIX activated water in their CIP processes,” states Jenson. “We’re excited to continue to support our partners on the path to zero chemicals.”

BIOIONIX BIOSAIF24/7™ three tiered systems are used by many of the world’s largest brands for in process disinfection, empowering partners to make their own natural and safe disinfection. In addition to eliminating dependence on the use of toxic chemicals, the BIOIONIX system supports continuous and monitored disinfection and water reuse. As this validation study and others suggest, electrolyzed water (HOCl) is a safe and highly effective disinfectant for CIO, COP, CIP and other food safety processes. BIOIONIX is on a mission to help its partners save water, create safer environments for employees and achieve sustainability goals.


BIOIONIX® was originally founded by a NASA grant for space shuttle water reuse. While focusing on an out-of-world science, they developed a technology, capable of disrupting the chemical dependence in food processing. The BIOIONIX® solution safely eliminates harmful pathogens and diseases from all stages of food production. With its roots in space-age research, BIOIONIX brings a paradigm shift in the industry by elevating food quality by eliminating hazardous chemicals and solving sustainability challenges for business leaders. EPA registered, patented and proven BIOIONIX® systems are FDA (FCN #2198) and USDA approved as a chemical-free solution for disinfection in all stages of food manufacturing.

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