Sanchez received $2,500 to continue her education at Georgia State University.

DULUTH, GA, May 13, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — This year, Barrios Virgüez promised $2,500 in financial support to a Hispanic student with exceptional leadership ability. The firm wanted to celebrate a student who stood up for their communities while also succeeding academically. In its search for a student to support, the team found Aranza Sanchez.

Aranza Sanchez is a student at Georgia State University studying Business Administration and Management. She is the first person in her family to pursue a college degree. There’s more to Sanchez than her long-term goals, though. Her history of leadership experience has forged her into a stalwart advocate for people in need.

Sanchez’s scholarship application essay describes a history of leadership that began when she was in elementary school. While she managed classroom safety, apprenticed with programs like Hispanic Organization Promoting Education (HoPe), and eventually served as Senior Class President, she also kept an eye on her parents.

At one point, the paperwork associated with Sanchez’s initial attendance at a predominantly white school threatened to overwhelm and baffle her parents. While Sanchez strove to make the most of her parents’ efforts, she also strove to offer families like hers the leg-up they needed.

While serving as Senior Class President and, later, a member of the Superintendent Student Advisory Committee, Sanchez advocated for improved accessibility for Spanish-speaking families and students. She cited her early experience contending with limited translator resources as the catalyst that drove her advocacy.

Today, Barrios Virgüez is proud to help Aranza Sanchez pursue her Business Management goals. The team awarded Sanchez $2,500 in financial aid ahead of her 2023/2024 academic year. Everyone on board looks forward to seeing how Sanchez will build on her history of advocacy in the years to come.

Future applicants interested in applying for the Barrios Virgüez Young Hispanic Leader Scholarship can visit the scholarship’s terms and conditions page for more information about its essential criteria.

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