Scuttlebutt Confessions of a Navy Air Traffic Controller

NASHVILLE, TN, January 16, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Page Publishing launches Scuttlebutt Confessions of a Navy Air Traffic Controller by Bill Henry. From his reluctance to join the Navy, the author astonishingly stumbles upon a career that spans 34 years in air traffic control, which is the subject matter for the fictional novel. This is the intimate and fascinating story of the life and times of a navy air traffic specialist. Scuttlebutt Confessions of a Navy Air Traffic Controller is available for pre-order at bookstores everywhere or online at Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play and Reader House.

Air traffic controllers are responsible for the efficient flow of air traffic and more importantly the safety of the passengers aboard military, commercial and private aviation aircraft. While an air traffic controller’s daily life is always in the background of his mind, he must maintain focus and attention to detail above all else. The book renders both knowledge and entertainment from the specialist’s perspective in the Navy and in civilian air traffic control.

In response to his eldest grandchild’s questions about his life, Henry pens a legacy of understanding for his grandchildren. Based upon the life of the author, harrowing events are reconstructed. Henry prefaces the novel with the words, “Resurrected and recalled, your memories in the here and now provide details with your current hindsight to support them.”

Like himself, Bill Henry’s fictional character, Jess Harper, does not want to be in the Navy. Harper is in full swing as a college student and does not want to leave that life behind him. With an impending draft notice, he has a choice of where he would like to serve – in the Army or the Navy. This decision embarks on a 20-year career in the Navy.

In bootcamp before air traffic control school, Harper is exposed to how easy life can be extinguished. Accepting death and moving on come early in his life. In both the Navy and air traffic control, decisions are made with lives on the line. Inevitably, there are times when lives are lost, which resonates within the book.

The author takes readers on a journey travelling the world experiencing air traffic situations. Harper’s career develops as choices are made from college to bootcamp in Orlando, Fla.; air traffic control school in Glynco, Ga.; his first duty station at a master jet base in Lemoore, Calif.; the coveted sea duty at Cubi Point in the Philippines; New Orleans, La.; aboard the U.S.S. Forrestal in Mayport, Fla. and Philadelphia, Pa.; Corpus Christi, Texas; the Iraq-Kuwait border and Troutdale, Ore. From this insider’s travels, amazing tales arise to be shared with those who come along for the journey.

Readers can listen to the author read a sample from the book on YouTube:

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About the author: Born in Oakdale, La., U.S. Navy veteran, Bill Henry, has spent 34 years in air traffic control around the globe. As a retiree, he spends his time between Tenn. and Calif.

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