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LOS ANGELES, CA, February 27, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Tiffany Okafor is an author, inspirational speaker, and life coach. With over 40 thousand views on her recent YouTube video ‘How to be a B.I.T.C.H.,’ her vlog has quickly become a go-to resource for young women seeking to live their lives with more confidence and power.

Her new book, “Bitchy: The NO-BS Woman’s Guide to Claiming the Love, Peace of Mind, and Happiness She Deserves,” is the no-nonsense guide you need to claim the Love, Peace of Mind, and Happiness you deserve. With engaging exercises, practical tips, and intriguing insights on every page, you’ll soon become the kick-ass protagonist of your own story, one that seizes opportunities and takes risks, all because you are a Beautiful Individual That Communicates Honestly. This compelling and essential short read will empower you to take your well-deserved happiness into your own hands, without anyone else’s say-so.

In a recent interview with Steve Kidd, the host of “Thriving Entrepreneur Radio Show,” she said, “You can love yourself while sculpting yourself. Everything about you that everyone is saying, no matter how different or weird that may be, is the very thing that is gonna allow you to stand out and shine so stand in it and love it right now.”

Steve encourages you to get Tiffany’s book, “This is an amazing book. This is something that you can absolutely have to pick up. This will serve as a guide for you to be the person that you wanna be so you can claim who you are.”

Tiffany Okafor is an author, inspirational speaker, and life coach based in Los Angeles, CA. As a speaker, she takes a no-nonsense approach to helping women appreciate their unique beauty and tolerate no BS in their relationships. Her first book, BITCHY, provides an even deeper insight into the techniques she believes will allow “women to dive deeper in love with themselves and their relationships.” BITCHY is currently available on Amazon:

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