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ORLANDO, FL, February 27, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Myrtha Dubois is a Personal Development & Power Coach for Women and an International Bestselling Author.

In her book, you will find the steps to take in finding your purpose in life so you can live the Undeniable You that you were meant to be. Myrtha takes you through a process of recognition, discovery, and understanding while learning to embrace your path. “The title of my book is Undeniable You: 7 Steps To Soar and the reason why it’s “undeniable” is through my journey and experiences growing spiritually, I became one with myself. I knew there was more to me than just what I see in front of the mirror and I needed to bring who the real Myrtha is to the world; a person who I know, a lot of people can relate to.” Myrtha said.

In a recent interview with Steve Kidd, the host of “Thriving Entrepreneur Radio Show,” she said, “That intuition that we all sometimes tend to push away and the third eye that we sometimes tend to close, those are the clues that life gives us, and we must be clear, quiet and in a space where we are accepting those clues. The first step for me was to breathe. There are times when you need to stop and intentionally take a deep breath because we feel suffocated. We keep running and running, and we have to slow down and take a deep breath. But because breathing is such a natural thing — it’s automatic. We don’t take time to breathe intentionally. Conscious breathing is so important because it allows us to clear your mind.”

Steve encourages you to get Myrtha’s book on Amazon today, “Live your life the undeniable you. Spread your wings and soar. I hope that this book will ignite that spark within you. Know and realize that you are meant for so much more.”

Take a journey to WHO YOU ARE.

Myrtha Dubois is a Personal Development and Power Coach, Businesswoman and CEO of Myrtha Dubois Coaching & Consulting.

As with many of us, Myrtha had to face many of life’s interruptions. But unlike many of us, Myrtha used her experience of these interruptions to fuel her to design a better life for herself. At the age of 11, Myrtha’s older brother was diagnosed with the shunned sickness called schizophrenia, and she was elected to be his caretaker. At 16 years of age, Myrtha literally (outside of financial) parenting her first-born niece. At the age of 22, Myrtha was involuntarily managing her very own family, learning how to overcome the emotionally draining, mentally abusive side of her relationship. Time and time, Myrtha rose to every interruption with three guides:

(1) the burning desire to overcome
(2) “whatever it takes” attitude
(3) every interruption brings a lesson, gives a sense of enlightenment and keeps you prepared

Myrtha Dubois says, “Learn To Grow Through It.” Life has a way of interrupting us and at times leaving us feeling stuck, overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, beat down and lost. Even the most successful people in the world, like Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, go through these life interruptions but the one thing they had/have are coaches because they understood that they couldn’t grow through it alone.

Myrtha desires to help women identify who they are as YOU grow through it. As your Personal Development Coach, you will receive support to identify and follow the sound of your own voice, be given permission to choose your own path and shown how to unapologetically claim your value.

Myrtha’s experience teaches women to discover and strengthen their skills and spiritual gifts; help women build and develop personal and professional paradigms, maximize their advantages and become invaluable.

Myrtha’s support assertively and continually fosters women’s method of empowerment to create wholeness and to promote self-love.

Overall, Myrtha’s purpose is to Educate, Elevate and Empower.

Let’s discover your purpose today and SOAR to UNDENAIBLEYOU!

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