is accepting submissions for its Racial Justice Activist themed 2025 calendar.

SACRAMENTO, CA, April 12, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — The best of recidivism reduction, alongside emergent rehabilitation was seen on full display at the launch of the Artwork Initiative (San Quentin Rehabilitation) as over a hundred painters, musicians, poets, performers showcased their work.

“It’s so beautiful to be here. I feel so engaged with the humanization aspect of the artwork. I take back with me good things from here to my community. And for said Rowena Brown who is running for Alameda Democratic Central Committee endorsed by the office of assembly member Mia Bonta and attorney general Rob Bonta.

Now the incarcerated community has the opportunity to showcase their rehabilitative creativity through the theme of Racial Justice Activism by being featured in a printed calendar that will also be digital and have a video format.

As a ground breaking project of the 501 c charity, Artwork Initiative (AI) operates as a non-profit raising awareness, promoting and protecting artists along with their intellectual property including those who are incarcerated and in similarly challenging environments.

AI and it’s Art Expo was conceived in 2019, but accelerated post-covid (in March of 2023) when award-winning incarcerated artist Lamavis Comundoiwilla met Governor Gavin Newsom and discussed the lack of prison to employment programs for creative individuals who are incarcerated and/or at risk youth. Putting the investment and training from the California Arts Council, Arts and Corrections, and the William James Association to full use, Lamavis got the support of the formerly incarcerated Gary Harrell (an accomplished artist in the Bay Area and is currently the interim director of operations) along with San Quentin’s Rabbi Shleffar, Imam Muhammad and Pastor Nobles. Furthermore, a highly talented team of incarcerated volunteers helped introduce this first of a kind platform for and by artists in and beyond the incarcerated community: Lamavis who won the John Sheridan award and had art featured on the cover of New York University Law School 2023 report added “the creativity and content expressed by an artist becomes their resume and a living portfolio of Rehabilitation.”

The Empowerment Avenue team lead by former San Quentin resident and Ear hustle podcast host Rashaan “New York” Thomas co-produced the launch, along with artwork initiative secretary Tammy Appling coordinating with incarcerated volunteer advisors.

Rhashiyd Steve Zimmerman and Steven Tam Nguyen, who co produce and host award-winning podcast Ear Hustle musicians and film writers, cinematographers like Lee jaspar, Ryan Pagan, (Forward This Productions; J. Huynh and 2025 Cal State master’s degree candidate who received a scholarship from the Department of Rehabilitation Anand Jon Alexander, a Parson’s graduate, award winning Designer who is also consulting for sustainability. Several of the AI team like Mr. Alexander are also involved in the Racial Justice Activist coalition [inspired by the Racial Justice Act AB 256] is the theme of the 2025 calendar.

The Artwork Initiative is accepting submissions for its 2025 Racial Justice Activist themed calendar. By giving the incarcerated community a global platform to join this movement the artwork initiative is proof of concept of Rehabilitation alongside entrepreneurship and Community Building in action.

Former prisoner Lucky Patino is a part of the international justice Alliance credits his financial stability and “the unbridled freedom that art bestows” to avoiding recidivism himself as he got to get away from the gang lifestyle and launched his own graffiti background into a business

The debut artwork initiative expo featuring various mediums seen by several influential guests from Top museums, galleries, art collectors, including the SF MOMA, film and music Industry professionals, academia like Berkeley, Cal State Dominguez Hills, and San Francisco University, foundations and corporations and nonprofits representing both the public and private sector attended, gave reviews and kept an eye on potential hires.

Dr Matthew Luckett the director of Cal State hux which partnered with the Department of Rehabilitation to launch the first ever master’s degree program for the incarcerated in California mingled with newly minted Warden Chance Andes as they complimented the pro-social social gallery atmosphere of the launch as being a perfect example of the California model the governor is investing almost 400 million to return prisoners as “good neighbors of tomorrow.”

Upcoming actress and activist Elyana Violet covered the event for @VanguardJustice, the and talent promoted the charities.

“As someone coming from the outside and to see talents and to experience their talents is deeply healing,” added Tammy Appling in the San Quentin News Mar 2024 The reactions and reviews of the paintings, the miniature sculptures, short films and live music spoke for themselves as guests like Paula Kravitz of 18 North advisors and formerly of the Skoll Foundation exclaimed “wow! Congratulations on this first I was blown away the talent depth was inspirational and the imaginations truly awe inspiring.” “The International Justice Alliance’s Artwork Initiative project is important in the light of the Racial Justice Act because this builds community for people of all backgrounds going through the criminal justice system,” said Vinod Balakrishna, IJA board member.

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The urgent need for a mother organization for the falsely accused and wrongfully convicted to find sanctuary, support and relief lead to the genesis of International Justice Alliance. In addition to incubating innovative environmental sustainability and animal rights we support the Racial Justice Act.

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