Remember the Sabbath Day because it is Holy!

MAGNOLIA, TX, March 19, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Author Philip L Arnold began his walk with The Lord in his early 20s. Immediately after his Baptism he began to devour The Word of God, sometimes staying up until early morning reading Scripture in order to understand what is written. With a passion for honestly teaching The Word of God, Philip felt called to write his first book to address questions and tackle opinions regarding the Sabbath.

Many of us grew up hearing about The Ten Commandments in Scripture, but very few people have ever been able to agree on the meaning of one of those Ten Commandments: “Remember The Sabbath Day to keep it Holy.”

With all of the traditions and opinions surrounding the modern interpretation of this Commandment, it is becoming more and more necessary to try to see through all of them just to find the answer to one simple question: What does God say about His Sabbath?

“The Day GOD Rested” is an absolutely exhaustive Biblical study on The Sabbath; it breaks down the topic into manageable lessons in such a way that anyone can understand the key concepts. Each and every chapter explains a different facet of The Sabbath from Scripture– everything from the simple, straightforward application to the deep, Prophetic implications of what God is trying to teach us through this Holy Day.

A valuable asset that has already received glowing reviews from readers across the US, Philip’s book will educate, support and inspire. “The Day GOD Rested” is a companion and a tour guide to help remind readers that it is God Himself who has told us to take a day of rest. Come and discover the incredible blessings in this Holy Day that God has set aside just for you!


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