Knowing and securing your child’s environment is the biggest task for every parent today. With so much of uncertainty today in our surrounding that we just don’t what ill may happen to our loved ones. Hence it becomes very important to keep an eye on our children. However, it is not physically possible to be around our children 24/7. But we can make sure about it the other way around through smartphones. Yes, the smartphones are not that bad after all. We all know what one can do with the advancements of smartphones we are having in today’s age. Similarly tracking a smartphone has also become relatively easy.

There is nowadays dozen of ways to track a phone. Be it with the use of GPS or websites or paid applications. trace mobile number current location in google map Tracking a smartphone has been simpler and efficient. Today it is not only limited to tracking, but more and more features have been added for the convenience of the customer. Features such as monitoring call logs, keeping browsing records, and many more features have been introduced. This is not just applications, once they are installed they become a crucial part of the family. With the armory of the features that they have, they offer an unmatched security. So let us take a look at some of the applications that are best in doing the task.

From all the available tracking apps, mSPY seems to be at the top amongst all of them. It works on all android and ios devices. The tech support for installation is very customer friendly. After installation, it instantly starts working on the target device leaving no clue to be traced. It also keeps records of phone calls, emails, and messages. It is very convenient for parents, keeping them informed of their kids at all hours and at all place.
Text message monitoring;
Call monitoring;
Email monitoring;
Satellite addresses locator tracking.

SpyBubble is another tracking app which offers some distinct features which are compatible with many different smartphone devices. The app can monitor calls, messages, photos, locations and other activity. However, the installation process is a bit of a task and not so user-friendly. Another disadvantage of the app is that it does not support tracking Whatsapp chats. It is another brilliant app that parent can opt for. It has a variety of features to offer.
Call recording:
Photo and video monitoring
GPS location tracking

Mobile Spy is available for ios, android, as well as Blackberry devices. Mobile spy like other tracking apps is useful for monitoring purposes. However, customers seem to believe that features do not seem to be worth the price. It is best for those who are looking for a convenient way to monitor phone calls.
Track and record the details of all calls made and received.
Access the device’s calendars, contacts, and task lists.
Track the phone’s location.

Mobistealth is available on ios and android devices as well as desktops too. It monitors and tracks calls and messages, GPS tracking is also available. However, in order to use mobistealth, jailbreaking is the must for its users.
Email and text message tracking.
Access to multimedia messages
Call history
Location tracking (with/without GPS)

FlexiSpy is only available for mobile devices. It is available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian devices. Cell phone tracking via GPS and also browsing habits can be traced. With the GPS tracking feature, one can easily keep an eye on one’s actions, which is very useful for employers and parents. Also, browsing habits can also be kept a track of.
Call and Message monitoring
Email and IM monitoring
GPS tracking
Viber, BBM, and WhatsApp monitoring

This is some of the ways through which you can keep an eye on your child’s smartphone and secure their safety.